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365mc, Microsoft Korea to create liposuction AI system
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.08.03 14:54
  • Updated 2017.08.03 14:54
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365mc Networks has signed a contract with Microsoft Korea한국마이크로소프트 for the research and development of liposuction artificial intelligence system.

365mc is Korea's largest group of obesity treatment hospitals with 17 branches in Korea including two hospitals.

The collaboration between the two companies to build a liposuction artificial intelligence system will make the most of the various workloads, such as Microsoft Azure, Azure IoT hub, and Azure Machine Learning

Recently, the number of hospitals adopting cloud computing technology has been increasing, but many remained content with introducing applications developed overseas. However, this case sets itself apart from others in that domestic medical institutions take the lead in the development of solutions, the Korean company said.

The two partners will create the world's first artificial intelligence liposuction medical system through collaboration with other medical institutions and global IT companies.

365 mc President Kim Nam-cheol (right) and Koh Soon-dong, CEO of Microsoft Korea, hold their contract at the Microsoft Korea headquarters in Gwanghwamun, downtown Seoul, Wednesday.

The development of such a liposuction artificial intelligence system will have a world-class number of liposuction operations of more than 100,000 in 365mc in a two-year span. That will enable it to digitize the stroke motion of liposuction with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, a research institute under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and accumulate big data.

“Liposuction now surpasses the existing limitations that depend on the senses, and the artificial intelligence liposuction system will be able to accurately and safely reproduce excellent results of the dimension,” said Kim Nam-cheol김남철, President of 365mc.

Koh Soon-dong고순동, CEO of Microsoft Korea, also expressed his enthusiasm to the project. “Collaborating with 365mc will be an innovative starting point for digital transformation in the medical field.”


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