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Green Cross LabCell Got the Patent to Make Mass Production of a Cell Therapy ProductThe unique technology valuable for mass production of the natural killer cell therapy product
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.01.16 11:17
  • Updated 2017.02.14 18:38
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Green Cross LabCell got the patent to make mass production of the cell therapy product.

The company (CEO Bok-soo Park) announced on the 13th it got the patent about the cultivation method of the natural killer cell using T-cell from the Korea Intellectual Property Office.

The patent is about the company’s unique technology. The technology makes it possible to massively produce the natural killer cell therapy product through selective proliferation of the natural killer cell from a small quantity of raw cells using T-cell.

The natural killer cells are congenital immune cells to immediately destroy abnormal cells or cancel cells in our body. Because they are difficult to be cultivated and have short duration period for activation, the key to commercialization is the technology to extend the duration period and massively produce them after separated cultivation.

‘MG4101’, anti-cancer drug using natural killer cell developed by Green Cross LabCell, is at the clinical trial 2 stage and is commercialized soon.

Director You-kyung Hwang at cell treatment lab of Green Cross LabCell said, “The patent registration enables Green Cross LabCell to secure more productive manufacturing method of the cell therapy product. And it will become the best leader in the natural killer cell field.”

Source: Green Cross
Website: http://www.greencross.com


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