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Drugmakers introduce VR for diabetes therapy
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2017.09.06 17:12
  • Updated 2017.09.06 17:14
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Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical종근당(CEO: Kim Young-joo 김영주) and MSD Korea 한국MSD(CEO: Avi BenShoshan) have introduced a virtual reality program, called “Januvia VR detail” as part of marketing strategy of their diabetes therapy.

The program provides a variety of clinical data of type-2 diabetes patients for doctors with VR equipment and helps medical professionals make use of it in real situations.

The scene of Januvia VR detail

Chong Kun Dang and MSD Korea plan to provide a kit to help doctors make VR equipment by themselves to make the most of the program in convenient ways.

The two companies said if doctors wear the VR device and play “Januvia VR detail” through a smartphone, they can see a scene with various diabetes patients coming to a physician’s office for consultation.

Doctors can get information about customized treatment strategy about different types of diabetes, including clinical data about Januvia, expected treatment effects, warnings from a virtual Januvia salesman.

“The program can provide information at any time and in any place by connecting pharmaceutical sales to VR technology.” said an official at Chong Kun Dang. “We will continue to upgrade the program to give personalized information for various type two diabetes patients.”

An MSD Korea official echoed. “This year, we can strengthen our product's competitive edge by the release of 25mg Januvia and the expansion of indications from Janumet and Janumet XR to type two diabetes patients with kidney problems,” he said. “We will use various digital marketing strategies to deliver product information efficiently and accurately.”

Chong Kun Dang signed a contract to do joint marketing with MSD Korea in January 2016.


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