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Angry Sanofi Labor Union's Upcoming StrikesPicketing in the company… wage strike on 2nd
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2016.12.08 08:32
  • Updated 2017.02.20 16:36
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“Does 1% salary increase ratio make sense for the top company in terms of operating profit and net income?”

The labor union at Sanofi-Aventis wages strike to complain about low salary increase ratio. The union complains “the company sets the highest record in sale profit ratio and net income ratio last year, but still says it’s in trouble. This year’s business outcome was over 100% as a percent of sales goal, increased more than 10% compared with the same period of last year. And tremendous increase in sales profit and net income is expected because of the Kim, Young-ran law and the announcement to postpone decrease in medicine price, but the company thinks 1% salary increase is enough.”

Sanofi labor union

The union blames the company for a luxury event worth of 2.5million won per each executive and says “the company decides to have ‘Kick-off’ Meeting (to be held in Thailand) for all executives in 2017. It is a luxury event and is designed to exaggerate their achievement, not for employees”.

It also points out the executives uses cars without any record of gas price and specific purpose, which results from misuse for personal purpose. Therefore, it applied for labor strike to Seoul National Labor Relations Commission last month and the mediation plan was released on 28th of the same month, but both labor and management rejected the plan. The union received a legal right to wage strike and has started it since the 2nd.

The union puts up the posters to show it would start the dispute and is picketing at the task force committee located on the 10th floor of the main building. And it also boycotts all events hosted by the company including ‘Kick-off’ Meeting and do collective actions such as picketing in rush hours.

It also says regarding the firement of 2 union members, “we submitted a petition of appeal to administrative court because the company doesn’t carry out its duty to send letters to make the layoff employees return to work”. It plans to send a document to ask the French headquarter to conduct a special investigation on the Korean branch and a letter of plea to inform executives at provincial medical associations, hospitals, and academy of illegal firement.

And it will hold a one-man protest in front of French embassy. If the French headquarter doesn’t forego special investigation, the union will ask Fail Trade Commission to investigate and tell The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Meanwhile, Sanofi did not provide its official announcement on the matter.


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