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Roche Korea vows to put patients’ needs first
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.10.24 11:11
  • Updated 2017.10.24 11:11
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Roche Korea finalized and presented 39 action plans to realize patient-centricity values of the company at an internal town hall meeting Monday, the company said.

Roche Korea General Manager Matt Sause

The Korean offshoot of the Swiss pharma giant said it created a “patient-centered” task force team early this year to foster culture and innovation that puts patients’ value at its core. In the following months, the company worked with employees from eight departments to develop 39 action plans to better patients’ lives, it said.

The plans include developing in-house training programs related to patient-centeredness, developing accurate and fair patient education materials to enhance their information of drugs and therapies used by healthcare professionals, and providing patients with quality medicines through strategic quality issue discussions during semi-annual reviews.

The company will continue to check whether these action plans are well established in each department in the following months, it said.

"Roche's 'patient-centeredness' should not be an abstract concept, but the starting point and ultimate goal of the business," said Matt Sause, general manager of Roche Korea. “I hope the 39 action plan items will take their proper places in each department to become the foundation to change the future of Roche Korea and the lives of Korean patients.”


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