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KIST to transfer immune-enhancing tech to EuBiologics
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.11.13 12:14
  • Updated 2017.11.13 13:33
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The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) said Monday it has signed a technology transfer agreement with EuBiologics, a local biopharmaceutical company, on “how to produce strains producing immunization enhancers.”

The TLR-4 agonist of this series has been mainly used for vaccine development. As the mechanism of immune regulation in the human body has been clarified, however, its application to various disease treatment agents is under review.

In particular, the range of applications for allergy immunotherapy, dementia immunotherapy, and anti-cancer immunotherapy is expanding, and many clinical cases and commercialization are proceeding.

Baek Yong-ok, CEO of EuBiologics, (left) and Dr. Lee Byung-gwon, president of KIST hake hands after signing an technology transfer agreement Monday.

At present, only five or six kinds of immunostimulants are allowed to use the human body, and most of the multinational corporations are monopolizing related patents and core production technologies, making it difficult for other companies to utilize.

The KIST Center of Theragnosis테라그노시스연구단 has developed a direct-produced strain that can overcome the disadvantages of natural derivatives (MPL) and synthetic derivatives (GLA). The study is considered a breakthrough to opening a path for localization and breaking the prejudice of researchers in the existing microorganism field.

KIST has transferred the production of immune enhancement technology to EuBiologics and will build an immune enhancement platform to develop preventive and therapeutic vaccines, the institute said. KIST will also lead the domestic market and seek to advance into the global market in the treatment of primary diseases and infectious diseases such as anti-cancer immunity, allergy, and dementia, it added.

EuBiologics has established a mass production process in the early stage through the transfer of the strain to produce the immune enhancer and has contributed high yield and high-quality materials. The company has also revealed its plans to establish platform technology for the development of preventive vaccines for their commercialization and viral diseases.

The license fee for the technology transfer is 300 million won ($269,500), while the milestone cost for the application field and research stage is 6.5 billion won, and the application fee is 2-5 percent of net sales.

"We will actively participate in the social and public contribution to the development of anti-cancer, immunity and CNS diseases including animal vaccine development, starting with technology transfer with EuBiologics,” said Dr. Lee Byung-gwon이병권, president of KIST.

Baek Yong-ok백영옥, CEO of EuBiologics, also expressed his enthusiasm. "With the transfer of KIST's superior immunostimulant technology, the new plant will produce and sell its API quickly and secure mid-to-long-term growth engines by developing pipeline products based on immunity enhancement functions in antiviral and therapeutic products,” Park said.


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