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Healthcare companies share big data business platforms
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.11.17 15:55
  • Updated 2017.11.17 15:55
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Merck head of IT for the Emerging Markets Operations William Gil

Three Healthcare companies introduced their business platforms on big data and discussed the prospects of the industry, at the “2017 Industry Platform Conference” on Friday.

William Gil, Merck’s head of IT for the Emerging Markets Operations, shared Merck’s big data analytic case and new business strategy for the advanced screening of disease vulnerabilities, improvement of clinical effectiveness and stable pharmaceutical supply chain.

“Big data should be valued as a strategic asset,” Gil said. “Companies need to know what big data is and how to use big data to achieve its full potential.”

Medidata head of strategic monitoring Kyle Given

Kyle Given, Medidata’s head of strategic monitoring, shared Medidata’s platform in next-generation clinical platform using big data and optimizing outcomes through data science. “By analyzing big data, we can help pharmaceutical companies to improve ongoing clinical processes and helping clinical trials become more efficient, productive and streamlined,” Given said.

The company model based on big data helps accelerate the innovation of life sciences by enabling the acquisition of relevant data in the areas of synthetic control arms, risk detection, genomics and precision medicine, he added.

Yi Hong-gi, CEO of Core Zetta, shared the company’s business model to help pharmaceutical companies customize marketing by providing big data analysis on drug prescription and medication analysis results. The company receives its data from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service (HIRA).

Core Zetta CEO Yi Hong-gi

“Simply having big data does not help,” Yi said. “Big data becomes useful only after developing it into contents and applying the contents to a business model.”

The 2017 Industry Platform Conference, sponsored by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, consisted of four sessions -- healthcare, transportation, energy, and manufacturing innovation. The conference aimed to share data platform success stories and seek the government’s role in nurturing the new industry.


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