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Large companies lack in public health contributions
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2017.12.26 17:29
  • Updated 2017.12.26 17:29
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Large companies in Korea have long been criticized for monopolizing the industry and concentrating wealth. Here’s one more reason why many Koreans might hate big businesses.

World Research Center, a survey agency, said Tuesday the level of contributions to public health made by 100 largest companies falls way short of public expectations.

The survey on 1,200 consumers was jointly conducted by Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH), the Maeil Business Newspaper and Consumers Union of Korea. It was the first of its kind to research the public health contributions made by 100 major domestic corporations. The assessment selected companies that could best represent the major industries regarding sales and public health contributions.

The survey categorized each corporation’s health contributions into four categories -- physical, mental, social and spiritual -- on a scale of 1 to 10. The poll showed an average score of 5.75 for physical health, 5.72 for mental and social health, and 5.55 for spiritual health. The top-ranked companies showed an average rating of 6 points while the bottom-ranked companies ranged around 4 points.

Courtesy of Seoul National University Hospital

"Although the general public perceives the contribution of the corporate social contribution activities to consumer health as important, the company’s interest in health contribution remains far below the public demand,” said Yoon Young-ho, a professor at SNUH and the head of the research.

Consumer health issues have failed to attract the attention of the market, and the level of implementation has not been high as companies focused on brand management and customer service, he added.

Yoon stressed that since consumers prefer products made by companies that pay attention to public health, it is essential for business enterprises to focus their operation on these issues.


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