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'Inventing doctor' moves from Korea to worldCommercializes ‘US-Guider’ -- assist device for precision injection
  • By Choi Gwang-seok
  • Published 2017.03.22 14:48
  • Updated 2017.03.22 14:48
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Several new devices drew visitors’ attention during “Korea International Medical & Hospital Equipment Show (KIMES) 2017” at Coex, southern Seoul, which ended its four-day run Sunday.

Dr. Sohn Moon-ho explains about “US-Guider,” a supplementary device for precision injection, at KIMES 2017 on Sunday.

One of them was “US-Guider,” a supplementary device for precision injection developed by Sohn Moon-ho, an orthopedist nicknamed “king of invention,” as he has won awards for three years in a row at various invention contests.

US-Guider is a removable device attached to ultrasound wave transducer, helping to ensure stable injection by securing insertion angles of needles. Sohn received a gold prize for the instrument at an invention contest in 2014 and has since been commercializing it under a contract with ALPINION, an ultrasonic wave company.

“We are releasing US-Guider two years after we began to commercialize it in cooperation with ALPINION. We are also preparing to export the device because foreign companies have shown much interest in it,” Sohn said in front of his booth at the exhibition Sunday.

Sohn noted that under the existing injection technology using ultrasound wave, patients’ discomfort heavily depended on doctors’ skill. “By using US-Guider, however, doctors can accurately insert needles in places identified in ultrasound image regardless of their proficiency and reduce time for treatment as well as patients’ bleeding and pains.”

A larger number of medical devices than expected are made for right-handers, which causes hand tremor for left-handers, Sohn explained. “US-guider has an orthotic attached to a syringe to prevent hand tremors and ensure safe procedure,” he went on to say. “If doctors set a point right, they can provide injection at the same places in any position without tremor.”

US-Guider comes in four different types, including manually-operated M-type and A-type, which automatically gives an injection by a touch of button, and users can select them for their convenience. “The biggest advantage of US-Guider is everyone can use it easily,” Sohn said. “Users can replace a syringe slot to attach it to ordinary syringes.”

All medical units that use ultrasonic waves, such as internal medicine department, surgery department, orthopedics department and obstetrics, can extensively use this device, Sohn added. “As foreigners have also shown keen interests in this product, I will pay attention to export as well,” he added.


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