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365mc operates customized hospital for foreign patients in Daejeon
  • By Song Soo-youn
  • Published 2018.05.01 07:46
  • Updated 2018.05.02 15:13
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The “plastic surgery Hallyu” (Korean wave of cosmetic surgery) is sweeping over the world. Mainly, liposuctions, effective for improving bodily features, have seen a remarkable increase in popularity, evidenced by the steady rise in foreigners visiting Korea to get the treatment.

Global365mc Hospital in Daejeon, about 200 km south of Seoul, is providing customized services for foreigners wanting to get liposuction treatment.

According to 365mc Hospital, a specialized medical institution that offers one-day obesity treatments and liposuctions, the number of foreign patients at its liposuction hospitals in Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon increased 38.4 percent in the past two years.

The numbers indicate considerable revenue, considering the sharply shrunken tourism market hit by the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Air Defense) controversy and North Korea’s nuclear crisis.

The increase in foreign customers visiting 365mc is attributable to the hospital’s various customized services for foreigners, the hospital said.

On top of liposuctions, the hospital also offers LAMS (Local Anesthetics Minimal Invasive Liposuctions), which is a method of improving liposuctions by extracting fat cells directly through a syringe, thereby eliminating surgical lines. 365mc said it’s also carrying out specialized programs tailored to the preferred body type of people by their countries.

The Korea Institute for Healthcare Accreditation also designated 365mc as a pilot hospital for attracting medical patients, making it the first hospital to gain the accreditation in the aesthetic medical sector in December 2016.

The hospital said that it places the safety of the customer ahead of all else, having introduced a disclosure system that shows the real names of anesthesiologists. 365mc also offers special coordinator interpreter support, separate counseling and recovery rooms, and services that link patients with hotels.

The hospital has also opened up a Global365mc Hospital in Daejeon in January, which has emerged as a city of medical Hallyu and met with explosive demand by foreigners for liposuctions. The hospital said that it plans to increase customer satisfaction around the world through its AI-based liposuction research center and global liposuction education center.

“We’ve established a global 365mc hospital in Daejeon because the region is a major traffic point. Daejeon is a central region of high-speed railway lines such as KTX and SRT,” said Lee Sun-ho, the director of 365mc in Daejeon. “Seosan Airport, the first international airport in South Chungcheong Province is also expected to open in 2023, making treatment for foreign patients more convenient.”

Lee added that he would provide a safe and comfortable medical environment to offer top-quality and customized obesity treatment services.

365mc will also export the world’s first Motion capture and Artificial Intelligence-assisted Liposuction System (MAIL) to the world, which was developed in collaboration with Microsoft Korea using Microsoft Azure.

The MAIL system uses motion capture technology to record movements of surgeons by digitizing them through IoT sensors and save them onto Microsoft’s cloud service Azure. The system thereby evaluates the adequacy of the surgeon’s strokes and predicts postoperative results.


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