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More biotech stocks come in top 20 on KOSDAQ
  • By Nam Doo-hyun
  • Published 2018.10.10 11:20
  • Updated 2018.10.10 11:20
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The number of pharmaceutical and biotech firms within the top 20 companies on the secondary KOSDAQ market increased but their combined market capitalization fell in the past year, industry data showed.

As of Monday, 10 pharmaceutical and biotech companies came in the top 20 KOSDAQ-listed firms concerning market cap, up three from seven on Oct. 10, 2017.

However, the proportion of the combined value of the 10 firms out of the total market cap on KOSDAQ shrank over the cited period.

The combined market cap of the 10 pharmaceuticals stood at 38.2 trillion won ($33.7 billion) as of Monday, up by 479.7 billion won from 37.7 trillion won a year earlier. However, the proportion of their market cap out of the total went down from 16.8 percent to 15 percent.

The 10 biotech firms within the top 20 on KOSDAQ are Celltrion Healthcare (12.7 trillion won, ranking No.1 on KOSDAQ), SillaJen (5.7 trillion won, No.2), HLB (3.7 trillion won, No.6), ViroMed (3.4 trillion won, No.7), Medytox (3.1 trillion won, No.8), Kolon TissueGene (2.6 trillion won, No. 11), Celltrion Pharm (2.5 trillion won, No.12), Genexine (1.8 trillion won, No. 15), Hugel (1.6 trillion won, No.17), and Komipharm (1.3 trillion won, No.20).

A year ago, the seven top biotech companies on KOSDAQ were Celltrion (17.7 trillion won, No.1), Celltrion Healthcare (8.2 trillion won, No.2), SillaJen (2.9 trillion won, No.4), Medytox (2.8 trillion won, No.5), Hugel (2.2 trillion won, No.7), Komipharm (1.9 trillion won, No.8), and ViroMed (1.8 trillion won, No.10).

“It is a good thing that investors are interested in more diverse pharmaceuticals and biotech firms. They will have to pay attention to pipelines for a long-term investment, rather than simply following imminent issues,” an analyst said.


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