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Insilico enters Korea to focus on skincare, wound-healing
  • By Marian Chu
  • Published 2017.04.12 09:53
  • Updated 2017.04.12 10:26
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Insilico Medicine, a big data analytics company that applies deep learning techniques to drug discovery, biomarker development, and aging research, will enter the Korean market through a joint venture with local universities and companies.

Insilico Korea is currently collaborating with several domestic institutions, including Gil Hospital and Gachon University, to develop deep-learned biomarkers of aging.

Alex Zhavoronkov, co-founder of Insilico Medicine, says that Insilico Korea will first focus on skincare and wound-healing because the company can quickly validate the predictions made for the skin and develop biomarkers. Zhavoronkov believes Korea is “No. 1 in innovation” in cosmetics and skin care products.

“We admire Korea for its ability to see the emerging trends in technology early and execute on these trends swiftly,” he said in an email interview with Korea Biomedical Review.

Recently, Insilico closed an investment from billionaire Jim Mellon, who sold Medivation to Pfizer for $14.5 billion with partners. Mellon invested in Insilico Medicine’s drug discovery pipelines and its advanced research of deep-learned biomarkers of aging and disease.

“With our artificially-intelligent drug discovery and biomarker development pipelines, we can go after almost every disease,” says Zhavoronkov. “Since we consider aging as a form of illness, many of the same algorithms are used to develop biomarkers and drugs to prevent and possibly even restore the aging-associated damage.”

Zhavoronkov predicts an A.I. revolution, saying: “Right now we are in the very early stage of development in semiconductors and automotive industries. It resembles the time right before the Internet or computer revolution. The revolutions in A.I. and Longevity will surpass any other technological leap in the history of humanity. Living long without disease is humanity’s oldest dream. Right now it is becoming a reality.”

Zhavoronkov will be in Korea in May and June to help Insilico Korea take shape and launch.


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