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Physicians hoarding self-defense weapons after psychiatrist’s death
  • By Lee Min-ju
  • Published 2019.01.04 13:38
  • Updated 2019.01.04 14:57
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Shocked by a mentally ill patient’s murder of a psychiatrist, doctors are rushing to purchase self-defense weapons and share defensive tactics on their online community. Lim Se-won, the psychiatrist at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital, died on Monday after being stabbed with a knife by the patient.

Lim initially escaped the consultation room but could not avoid the attack of several stabs in the chest at an alley near the consultation room.

On the online community, physicians shared how to respond to a knife-wielding patient. Some of them urged members to purchase self-defense devices such as bats and stun guns collectively.

A variety of self-defense weapons being sold in Korea (File photo of Korea Biomedical Review)

Comments by doctors included, “Let’s buy stab-proof vests,” and “We don’t have time to swing a bat, let’s buy stun guns instead.”

Doctors who have already prepared self-defense goods revealed the purchase list.

A doctor said he or she bought a gas pistol capable of spraying 100 times. Another placed an expandable baton at the corner of the medical examination room.

“I bought a gas pistol and an expandable baton. The baton is made of titanium. You will need the approval to purchase a gas pistol,” an anonymous doctor said on the

Another physician who bought a gas pistol said even if a doctor is a martial art master, facing a knife-holding patient would give the doctor little room to fight back. “Secure space to run away and wear sneakers while seeing patients. Prepare a gas gun,” the physician said.

Another who posted a picture of a bat said, “If the bat is too long, you have less time to maneuver. If it is too short, the defense is too weak.” Patients would find it less intimidating to see a bat in the room and physicians will find it easier to hit a violent patient with a bat than other weapons, the doctor added.

A physician who uploaded multiple video clips about self-defense tactics said, “It is funny but sad at the same time because doctors have to share these kinds of videos. May professor Lim rest in peace.”


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