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Healcerion’s wireless ultrasound Sonon sold out in Japan
  • By Park Gi-taek
  • Published 2019.01.18 11:46
  • Updated 2019.01.18 11:46
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Healcerion said it has completed selling the first 100 units of Sonon, a handheld smart ultrasound scanner, in Japan in a month and received a new order for another 100 units.

Healcerion CEO Ryu Jeong-won shows Sonon, a wireless portable ultrasound system.

In September last year, the digital healthcare provider signed a deal with Japanese medical device seller Tokopia to ship Sonon products worth 5 billion won ($4.4 million) for five years. The Korean firm shipped the first 100 units in early December.

Healcerion said Tokopia additionally ordered 100 units of Sonon after the first 100 units sold out in primary medical institutions such as clinics, bonesetter’s offices, and public health centers.

“Primary medical institutions that did not have a large-scale, expensive ultrasound machine used Sonon, which performs well at a price less than one-tenth of conventional ultrasound devices. Japanese physicians and bonesetters liked Sonon so much that it sold out in just one month,” said Seiji Isobe, CEO of Aison, one of the Sonon sellers in Japan.

Sonon’s credibility went up after winning a certification of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) under the strict Japanese government’s criteria, he added.

Healcerion CEO Ryu Jeong-won, who developed Sonon, said the selling 100 units in Japan in just a month showed that Sonon was marketable in medically advanced countries where primary care is highly developed.

Ryu majored in physics and electronic engineering at Seoul National University and graduated from Gachon Medical School.

It took two years of research and development for Sonon and Healcerion released the product in 2014.


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