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Gencurix can diagnose breast cancer through needle biopsy before surgery
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.05.08 14:33
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Gencurix presented the research results on GenesWell BCT, a breast cancer prognostic test, in an international journal.

GenesWell BCT is a prognostic test that makes the prognosis of other cancer metastasis and recurrence within 10 years, by analyzing the expression levels of six cancer prognostic genes and three standard genes extracted from the RNA of cancer tissues removed during surgery of breast cancer patients.

The study, led by Kyungpook National University Hospital, compared the accuracy of GenesWell BCT test for tissue samples obtained with a core needle biopsy and post-operative tissue specimens for preoperative diagnosis of breast cancer patients.

Core needle biopsy does not require hospitalization as the needle biopsy takes the tissue directly from the legion. If hospitals can make the prognosis of the patient through the biopsy specimen, they can significantly reduce the time required for the post-operative prognostic prediction test and the promptly decided chemotherapy.

It was found that GenesWell BCT test between preoperative tissue specimens obtained from the central needle biopsy and the tissue specimens sampled during surgery have a consistency of 83.9 percent. Also, when the tumor was not accompanied by microcalcification, the concordance rate increased to 92 percent.

The company expects that the high concordance in the pre- and post-operative tissue of the results of the GenesWell BCT test suggests a high degree of confidence in the preoperative tissue outcome, which enables more effective treatment for breast cancer patients.

“In the case of breast cancer without a mammogram or microcalcification on ultrasonography, the test allows us to make the prognosis by only the sample collected for preoperative diagnosis,” Professor Lee Ji-yeon of the department of breast thyroid surgery department at the hospital said. “Also, it can be a great help to decide various treatment directions such as neoadjuvant therapy before the operation.”

Gencurix CEO Cho Sang-rae also said, “The goal of GenesWell BCT is to improve the quality of life of breast cancer patients and reduce the social cost of cancer treatment. Gencurix plans to continue to research on GenesWell BCT.”

BioMed Central Cancer published the result of the study.


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