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‘Anaki’ operator opens YouTube channel on oriental medicine
  • By Kim Eun-young
  • Published 2019.10.29 15:01
  • Updated 2019.10.29 15:01
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Kim Hyo-jin is an oriental medicine practitioner sentenced to a jail term for operating “Anaki,” the Korean abbreviation of the now-defunct online community that advocated extremely naturalistic childcare and sold unauthorized herbal medicines. Recently, Kim opened a YouTube channel to show her consultations with patients, reviving the controversy.

Oriental medicine practitioner Kim Hyo-jin consults with a patient in a video clip on her YouTube channel, “Kim Hyo-jin’s Oriental Medicine Practice Room.” (Photo captured on YouTube)

Kim was slammed for encouraging parents to use scientifically groundless methods -- such as avoiding vaccinations, bathing burned children in warm water, and washing nostrils with soy sauce -- and telling them as if the methods were natural ways.

In May, the court found Kim guilty for selling herbal medications made of activated charcoal to patients visiting her clinic and members of the online community. Kim also sold unauthorized herbal medicines, made of nine Oriental medicinal herbs, to the Anaki members.

She started her broadcasting through a YouTube channel with the title, “Kim Hyo-jin’s Oriental Medicine Practice Room,” on Oct. 22.

For about a week, she uploaded six clips of video, including “Understanding of Oriental Medicine Treatment” and “Skin Rash.” The six videos are the records of medical treatments for patients who visited her clinic, in the patients’ real voices and counseling content.

The video begins with a statement, “I uploaded all the videos with the patient’s consent,” and “I deleted personal information.”

In the video, a patient mentioned her son, who was suffering from blood cancer. Then, Kim claimed that she cured a blood cancer patient completely. She emphasized that it was possible to cure blood cancer by dealing with the cause of the disease.

“Blood cancer can be cured. I treated a man in his 70s who has been cured three years ago. He once had stomach cancer, but the tumor recurred in blood cancer. He chose to die humanely rather than to die after having chemotherapy,” Kim said. “He sought my help, and it was a good attitude.” Kim went on to say that she treated him for seven months, and he was completely cured. “He is doing so great until now. Even if it is a difficult case, I will surely treat a patient if the patient is willing to work with me well. The doctor and the patient should work together,” she said.

Kim criticized modern medicine, including chemotherapy, for alleviating symptoms only.

“The problem in the modern medical system is that it has failed to offer an opportunity for a patient to identify the area of the treatment that the patient should also involve in,” Kim said. “The true physician should talk to the patient what the cause is. If the patient says the patient can take care of the cause, the physician should give the treatment direction so that they agree on the treatment. That way, they can cure a disease.”

Comments under the video clips were mostly positive. Readers said, “I learned the basics of treatment. I can fix the problem by identifying the cause,” “I agree with her that we have to know the cause, and the doctor and the patient should play their part to treat the disease,” “You should get ready for treatment, and you get the treatment. There is no disease without a cause.”


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