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Regulator OKs Lunit's AI chest x-ray
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2019.10.29 17:32
  • Updated 2019.10.29 17:45
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Lunit said that the Ministry of Drug and Safety has approved LUNIT INSIGHT CXR 2, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based software aid to diagnose lung abnormality.

Lunit's AI chest x-ray "Lunit INSIGHT CXR 2."

Lunit INSIGHT CXR 2 is an upgraded version of the pulmonary nodule detection product licensed last year, known as Lunit INSIGHT CXR 1. Based on Lunit's proprietary AI technology, the system analyzes the patient's chest X-rays to detect three major pulmonary abnormalities -- pulmonary nodules, pulmonary sclerosis, and pneumothorax – with a 97 to 99 percent accuracy.

"The device is designed to assist doctors in reading, marking each suspected area of disease and the degree of suspicion in color for quick and accurate diagnosis," the company said.

Lunit CEO Suh Beom-seok said, "The licensed lung nodule detection product, which is an upgraded version of the previous Lunit INSIGHT CXR 1, has been further sophisticated in such a way that a single chest x-ray image can catch various abnormalities with a single glance."

The use of Lunit INSIGHT CXR 2 in a medical setting can lead to the detection of major lung abnormalities with high accuracy and is expected to help to diagnose major lung diseases such as lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and pneumothorax more quickly and accurately, Suh added.


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