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Chinese drugmaker Mebo establishes branch in Korea
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2020.01.06 14:40
  • Updated 2020.01.06 14:40
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Mebo Group, a Chinese firm specializing in regenerative medicine, has established a branch in Korea, the company said in a news conference on Monday

Mebo Group President Kevin Xu explains the company’s goal in Korea in a news conference celebrating the establishment of the firm’s branch in Korea at the Shilla Hotel Seoul, on Monday.

Headquartered in both Beijing and Los Angeles, the company has built a reputation in the area of regenerative medicine for the past 30 years. It is a leader in the burn and wound regenerative medical technology and markets its products in about 70 countries. Mebo Group has branches and factories around the world, including Australia, India, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

The company has been engaged in various projects in Korea since 1990 and has established partnerships with Hando Corp. Hando has actively supported the Mebo Group for setting up the latter’s branch in Korea.

During the news conference, the company underscored the importance of the Korean market and its goal to develop relationships with local partners. Mebo wants to further its advanced science, health and medical technology in the global market by establishing a subsidiary in Korea.

"The company plans to make Korea the center of the Asia-Pacific region by investing $10 million," Mebo Group President Kevin Xu said. "Global corporations play an important role in the economic globalization as a driving force for creating a community focused on human interest and responsibility while protecting the multilateral economic system."

Mebo Group has implemented a strategy to enter the global market and has a basic framework for developing the group's diversified global cooperation, Xu added.

Xu also revealed the company's plans to release new products in the Korean market.

"Our company plans to diversify the range of products, including sunburn and scar recovery external preparations, gastrointestinal mucosa protective capsule called the Mebo gastrointestinal capsule, blood sugar control capsule, and functional cosmetics," Xu said. "Mebo gastrointestinal capsule is expected to compensate for the lack of treatment options, which was formed mainly by lactic acid bacteria."

The treatment, which won approval in China in 2001, has since been proven to be useful in treating gastrointestinal function in China.

Mebo Group Korea CEO Liu Kang also said, "Mebo Group deeply recognizes that technological innovation, product innovation, and intellectual property protection are vital to the development of a company."

Not only does the company lead the world in the field of burn and wound regenerative medical technology, but it will also launch a broader and improved series of health foods and cosmetics, Liu added.


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