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SNUH starts running smart operating room
  • By Lee Han-soo
  • Published 2020.01.17 15:19
  • Updated 2020.01.17 15:19
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Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) said that they have installed an additional 10 smart operating rooms as part of its hospital remodeling project.

A smart operation room installed recently at Seoul National University Hospital in Ewha-dong, Seoul.

“The remodeling and expansion of the hospital improved the system of the operating room, increased the number of operating rooms, secured patient safety, and laid the foundation for smooth operation,” the hospital official said. “With the addition of the new smart operation rooms, the hospital now has a total of 31 operation rooms.”

Three departments -- -- surgery, urology, and obstetrics-gynecology -- will use the new operating rooms, the official added.

The smart operation room provides an integration system, which can coordinate various laparoscopic schedules, medical device control, image transmission, and operating room environment control.

It also provides a preset function, which saves the settings of medical devices in advance, according to the type of surgery and surgeon by recalling the settings with a single touch. The hospital expects that it will provide medical staff with a customized surgical environment, shortening the preparation time before surgery, and facilitates the smooth operation.

The hospital also stressed that all monitors are composed of 4K or higher quality monitors, which allow the physicians to see an image that is four times clearer than existing full HD images. Doctors can also see accurate patient information on the monitor by implementing a computerized program linked to the hospital information system.

For endoscopic surgery, the hospital installed a 3D endoscope equipment to increase the accuracy of the surgery and introduced the blue light system to maximize contrast during endoscopic surgery to increase concentration and psychological stability to improve the convenience of medical staff.

“Based on the newly expanded smart operating room, we will provide comfortable and safe services to patients and create the best operating environment for medical staff,” SNUH President & CEO Kim Yon-su said. “Using these smart rooms, we will ultimately take accurate steps to help the recovery of severe patients.”


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