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Shire Korea improves its hemophilia B treatment
  • By Constance Williams
  • Published 2017.07.03 14:07
  • Updated 2017.07.04 12:34
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Shire Korea has improved the function of its Hemophilia B treatment, Rixubis, in ways to enhance the convenience of users, the company said Monday.

Rixubis used to be stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius, but the improved version can be kept at room temperature (2-30 ℃). The usage period also extended from 24 months to 36 months from the date of manufacture.

The company has requested the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to change product license to include these improvements and won it, company officials said.

"With the modification of the license, it is possible to store Rixubis at room temperature conveniently,” said CEO of Shire Korea Moon Hui-seok. "For over 70 years, Shire has been a global leader in hematology and will continue to work to improve hemophilia patients.”

Rixubis is a therapeutic agent used for the prevention of hemorrhagic episodes in adult and pediatric hemophilia B patients. It is also used as the routine preventive therapy and for the reduction of bleeding episodes, and pre- and post-operative care.

Hemophilia is a condition in which hemorrhage does not occur when it usually occurs in each part of the body. Rapid hemostasis is critical in unexpected hemorrhage. Rixubis is to prevent the natural hemorrhage that occurs without external impact by periodically administering the insufficient blood coagulation factor 9 of the hemophilia B patient to maintain the blood coagulation factor level of the patient at least 1 percent.

Shire Korea also recently released 3000 IU of high-capacity Rixubis. The newly launched Rixubis 3000 IU can be supplemented with a small number of vials when a high-dose clotting factor is needed.

Rixubis was first approved for the treatment of hemophilia B, which lacks blood clotting factor 9, in May 2016, and has been on the market since June.


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