UPDATE : Wednesday, October 17, 2018
SK Bioscience starts business
SK Bioscience CEO Ahn Jae-yong SK Chemicals announced on Sunday that it h...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-07-02 15:00
Sanofi Korea presents findings on head-to-head trial on Toujeo vs. Tresiba
Sanofi presented head-to-head trial results for Toujeo Monday. Sanofi’s d...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-29 18:01
VUNO unveils SW with excellent function for predicting cardiac arrest
VUNO has released new study results, which show its artificial intelligence...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-29 17:29
Eisai’s Aricept dominates dementia treatment market
Eisai’s Aricept has comfortably secured the No. 1 place in the local dement...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-06-29 15:24
BMS Korea wins fight for Eliquis patent
Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) Korea said it has won a suit against domestic dr...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2018-06-29 14:41
Botulinum toxin makers compete to expand indications
Local developers of botulinum toxins are increasingly competing to expand t...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2018-06-29 14:07
Korean pharmaceuticals fail to invalidate Invokana patent
A three-year-long trial to invalidate the patent for Janssen’s diabetes dru...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-28 17:58
Pfizer’s kidney cancer therapy Inlyta to be reimbursed in July
The Ministry of Health and Welfare announced Wednesday that it would add Pf...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2018-06-28 17:57
Weight-loss drug Saxenda creates marketing sensation in Korea
Saxenda (ingredient: liraglutide), an injectable drug to treat obesity, is ...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2018-06-28 16:40
Hugel, Hamni to cooperate in urology market
Hugel, a biopharmaceutical company, announced Thursday that it has entered ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-06-28 16:39
Herbalife Korea publishes results of genetic big data analysis
Herbalife Korea announced Thursday the results of its big data analysis of ...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-28 14:52
Hepatitis B reactivation added to Simulect precautions
The government said it has ordered Novartis to add “hepatitis B reactivatio...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2018-06-28 12:20
Will Celebrex shake off tainted image?
A Korean expert supported the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s decision ...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-27 16:24
Boryung, EDGC’s service to predict genetic risks for soon-to-be moms
Boryung Biopharma and Eone Diagnomics Genome Center (EDGC) have launched a ...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-27 15:31
GC Lab Cell secures tech for Natural Killer cell-based immunotherapy
GC Lab Cell is making headway with developing its Natural Killer (NK) cell-...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-27 14:19
Genematrix wins tech patent for manufacturing protein drugs
Genematrix said Wednesday it obtained a patent for a “Protein REFolding Enh...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-27 14:19
IVI, WHO co-host vaccine development symposium in Seoul
The International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and the World Health Organization...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-26 18:05
Merck Korea fetes 350th anniversary of headquarter company
Merck Korea celebrated the 350th anniversary of Merck KGaAs at an event in ...
by Marian Chu  |  2018-06-26 15:52
Il-yang’s antianginal drug found with excessive lead
The government said it has banned the sale of Il-yang Pharmaceutical’s anti...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2018-06-26 12:12
Jeil’s development of diabetes treatment goes as planned
Jeil Pharmaceutical said Monday that it expects to receive investigational ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2018-06-25 17:15
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