UPDATE : Thursday, November 21, 2019
Novartis Korea faces tax investigation
The National Tax Service launched a tax investigation into Novartis Korea o...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-12-06 10:55
Kolon Life Science confident to make Invossa global blockbuster
Despite proved efficacy in reducing pain for osteoarthritis patients, Kolon...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-12-06 09:30
Pfizer Korea wins pneumonia vaccine patent dispute with SK Chemicals
The Patent Court of Korea Wednesday decided to uphold Pfizer Korea’s patent...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-12-05 18:16
Korean newborns expected to live 82 years on average: report
Newborns in South Korea are expected to live an average of 82.4 years, with...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-12-05 16:24
Daewoong denies defeat in suit against Korea United
Daewoong Pharmaceutical said Tuesday that the recent dismissal of the paten...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-05 16:13
Industry groups to support AI-based new drugs
The Korea Pharmaceutical and Bio-pharma Manufacturers’ Association (KPBMA) ...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2017-12-05 16:13
8 out of 10 nurses overwork; only 2 request extra pay
Eight out of 10 nurses overwork in three shifts per day but only 20 percent...
by Lee Min-ju  |  2017-12-05 16:02
ViroMed starts trial on VM202’s effect on peripheral artery disease
VM BioPharma, the U.S subsidiary of ViroMed, announced Tuesday that it has ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-05 15:40
Shares of biotech firms, listed with ‘exceptional techs,’ rise above offer price
Most of the biotechnology companies, listed on Kosdaq early this year under...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-12-05 14:38
Koreans still favor people with type O blood, dislike type AB: survey
While some Koreans discuss blood types to break the ice, many unconsciously...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-12-05 11:36
Government cancels approval for antidepressant Valdoxan
The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said Tuesday it has canceled the drug ...
by Lee Hye-seon  |  2017-12-05 11:09
Access Bio signs accord to supply malaria kit
Access Bio said Tuesday that it has signed an agreement with Chemonics and ...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-05 10:52
Hallym vows to reform abusive work culture for nurses
Hallym University Medical Center said Monday it would improve its organizat...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-12-04 18:07
Sewon seeks p3 clinical trials for cartilage cell therapy in Japan
Sewon Cellontech said Monday that Olympus RMS has submitted phase 3 clinica...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-04 16:17
Medical supplies trade with China turn to black in 2017
Korea’s exports of medical and pharmaceutical products to China increased t...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-12-04 16:09
Multinational drugmakers sweep local sales in Q3
Multinational pharmaceutical companies have swept the local sales in the th...
by So Jae-hyeon  |  2017-12-04 16:08
Cord blood biotech firms enjoy stock price gains this year
Korean biotech firms with major pipelines in cord blood banks and umbilical...
by Nam Doo-hyun  |  2017-12-04 15:02
SNUBH first to prove non-invasive test works for glaucoma patients
Researchers at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) have prov...
by Marian Chu  |  2017-12-04 14:58
Nature Cell’s clinical trial on Alzheimer therapy running smoothly
Nature Cell said Monday that it has injected 10 doses of Astrostem, a stem-...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-04 14:57
FDA approves clinical trial for Pharmicell’s liver cirrhosis treatment
Pharmicell said Monday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has appro...
by Lee Han-soo  |  2017-12-04 14:57
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