UPDATE : Thursday, May 25, 2017
[Congratulatory message] President & CEO of Yonsei University Health System Yoon Do-heum by KBR 2017-02-27 12:09
[Congratulatory message] President of KDA Choi Nam-sup by KBR 2017-02-24 10:28
[Congratulatory message] Chairman of KHA Hong Jeong-yong by KBR 2017-02-24 10:25
[Congratulatory message] Chairman of KPMA Lee Kyeong-ho by KBR 2017-02-24 10:20
[Congratulatory message] Rep. Kim Kwang-soo by KBR 2017-02-24 10:20
[Congratulatory message] Rep. Kim Sang-hoon by KBR 2017-02-24 09:06
[Congratulatory message] President of the KoreaBIO Seo Jeong-sun by KBR 2017-02-24 08:41
[Congratulatory message] Chairwoman of the KRPIA Kim Ok-yeon by KBR 2017-02-23 16:13
[Congratulatory message] Chairman of the KNA Kim Ok-soo by KBR 2017-02-23 16:08
[Congratulatory message] Chairman of the KAMS Lee Yoon-sung by KBR 2017-02-23 09:15
[Congratulatory message] President of the KMA Choo Moo-jin by KBR 2017-02-22 16:28
[Congratulatory message] Minister of Food and Drug Safety Son Moon-gi by KBR 2017-02-22 14:54
[Congratulatory message] Rep. Yang Seung-jo by KBR 2017-02-21 19:32
[Congratulatory message] President of HIRA Sohn Myong-sei by KBR 2017-02-21 16:38
[Congratulatory message] Minister of Health and Welfare Chung Chin-youb by KBR 2017-02-21 16:20
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